My Services

  • I can develop a website from scratch or modify existing one.
  • I can fix, modify and extend any script/app written with PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.
  • I can write custom scripts/apps with PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.
  • I can manage web development proccess of your project.
  • I can look on how to optimize/automate processes of your web project, and apply that if needed.


I am really enjoyed our interaction with Vladimir. Everything was handled with the highest level of professionalism. Vladimir was able to meet even my most demanding requests and provided many creative examples. Vladimir actually brought to life a creative vision for my growing company. With web program what Vladimir made for me I can manage accounts, data base and make any report with any dates and many another for more then 100 rental property units. He is so much more than a talented web programmer; he is also an intelligent, forward-thinking, astute businessman of ethics — a rare combination of traits. We are quite pleased with the outcome of the project and look forward to working with Vladimir again.

Elena Inyutina ABSOLUTE Rent a Car

Awesome job! Love the clean design and professional approach. Vladimir thinks outside of the box and offers much more than you expect from your dream website! That is because he sees what lies underneath. Pretty much like in Matrix! Rear case combination of art and technical skill. My full credits to his works! Period.

Pavel Annenkov Owner of Moto Desert Rides

I have recommended Vladimir to all my friends who need help with website. I am very pleased with the work Vladimir has done with my website and thankful for his on-going support. You can view my website and see his work for yourself. It is all done by Vladimir, from designing the logo to setting up email subscription, and everything else in between; all his. I am not only impressed by Vladimir's web-developing skills but also by his interpersonal and communication skills. He is always organised, professional, and prompt. It has been very easy working with Vladimir. I started with zero knowledge in regards of web-developing and social media, but with the help and continuous support from Vladimir, I am now operating a blog and active on most social media networks.
Thank you Vladimir.

Thuy Burritt Owner of Total Pilates Solution

Vladimir is great and responsible graphics designer. He is doing my requests for many years and I'm so happy. Website, artwork for online advertising, design for brochures and business cards is very beautiful, professional and takes very short time to get his job done.

Yevgeniya Shkurenko Owner of His & Her Favourite

My Portfolio

About me

I started my web-development journey in 2003 when I got my first PC. The possibility of creating something by myself is thrilled me and I started to learn. HTML with CSS was the simplest thing to start with because for that you don't need compilers or special apps, you just write code - save - update page and here it is - you can see your job! So awesome! And that is how I got involved in web-development.

In 2005 I started project "CN Group" - an online magazine about web-development, with friends and like-minded people we wrote educational articles and publish them in form of offline app. That project is abandoned and forgotten long ago, but it give me a huge leap in my knowledge, I started developing with PHP and MySQL.

In the same year I got my first paid gig - video catalog for local video rental shop in Dubai. Since then I worked as freelance web-developer in Dubai until 2008, mostly for real estate agencies and media companies.

In 2008, when a crisis hit Dubai and my main clients lay down and cut their expenses I decided to take a break from web-development and dived into photography - my long ago secret passion. I really enjoyed doing photography and as result, I made Vova's Photography - a website showcasing my photography.

In 2010, pulled by old connections, I got back to web-development, again, for real estate agencies in Dubai.

In 2013 I got involved in my sister's little startup - Emicats - a private cattery in Al Ain. My responsibility was: website, social media, photography, meeting with clients and delivering kittens to them. The project was successful, it has brought money and I had plenty of time for my two main passions: photography and web-development. But as it grows it started to take a lot of my time and in spring 2016 I decided to quit. My sister doesn't like the idea of running cattery without me, so we decided to close business.

All summer 2016 I spend in Russia, where I got plenty of time to think about who I want to be: photographer or web-developer. In first days of autumn I left Russia without my photography gear, I just leave it all there for next time, then I created this page proclaiming myself a web-developer. And that's how I became web-developer.

This paragraph I will replace with future stories...

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